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CCDA is an association of community development corporations and affordable housing developers working to rebuild communities and revitalize neighborhoods throughout the city of Camden. CCDA’s member organizations include CLHI North Camden, Coopers Ferry Partnership, Cooper Foundation, Heart of Camden, Parkside Business and Community in Partnership, and St. Joseph’s Carpenter Society; with participation from additional groups like Latin America Economic Development Association, Camden County Habitat for Humanity, and Volunteers of America. CCDA’s member organizations have built or rehabilitated more than 2,000 affordable units in the city, as well as numerous other economic and community development initiatives including gardens, office buildings, retail space and community facilities.

Our Mission

CCDA promotes sound public policies and leverages increased resources to enable its members to revitalize, restore, and rebuild Camden’s neighborhoods and positively impact our residents. As part of that mission, CCDA provides a mechanism to coordinate member projects and
programs aimed at neighborhood and commercial corridor revitalization efforts.

New Jersey's Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program makes it possible for businesses to invest in transformative projects in urban communities. As part of this program, business entities are granted a 100 percent tax credit against various state taxes

Invest in Camden Neighborhoods through NRTC

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